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Your Display Wall — Your Silent Salesperson

By Meg Glasgow, Industry Expert

We love our staff but wouldn’t it be great to find a fantastic salesperson who is always at the shop, doesn’t accept a paycheck and has no need for benefits?  Chances are, you already have one —your display wall. I like to think of a custom framer’s display wall as a silent salesperson.


If you think about it, the display wall is a truly versatile tool that can do many things to educate and inspire customers.  As you consider ways to improve your store, look at your display wall. Is it doing everything it can in order to reach out to customers? When was the last time it sparked an idea with a customer? Is it a missed opportunity?


Following are some suggestions I’ve put together to help your display wall become one of the best salespeople on your team.



1. Explain custom framing to customers


So many first-time customers need help understanding what goes into the process of framing a piece. Your display wall can help you walk them through the steps and offer tips for things to consider in the decisions they’ll make for their own projects. It is especially helpful for demonstrating techniques that go beyond the basic mat, frame and glass, such as special mountings, custom-cut mats, stacking frames, etc.


Quick Tip:

Develop a brief overview of the custom framing process using one or two pieces from your display wall as props. Practice it several times to perfect it and train your staff on it so that you have a reliable, go-to explanation you can share with customers new to custom framing.   According to focus group research conducted for Tru Vue®, expertise is an important aspect when choosing where to custom frame. Your display wall is a great tool for communicating your level of expertise.



2. Justify costs


It is easier to understand why something costs what it does when you can see everything that goes into it. A matboard sample and a corner piece of moulding don’t quite tell the full story, but an impressive nished piece does. This is particularly helpful when dealing with upgrades. The feedback from the Tru Vue® consumer focus groups indicate that customers want to know their options before making a decision on their own projects, even if those features are more expensive.


Quick Tip:
When deciding what to include on your display wall here are two items you should think about. One, make sure to have pieces that showcase your most creative work and to, ensure you feature premium materials so that customers can see how upgrades contribute to a nished piece.



3. Help customers visualize


Nearly all custom framers have been at the project table working with a client who is overwhelmed by choices or can’t imagine their nished piece. Your display wall can help you demonstrate what kinds of materials are used in di erent situations and see how the various elements of the framing package work together to create a beautiful nal product.


Quick Tip:
Consider including pieces that feature the same art or photograph with di erent framing materials to help customers see the di erence in various colors, textures, scale, size, etc.



4. Inspire project ideas


As framers, we know that custom framing does more than preserve, protect, and give a home to drawings, paintings and photographs, but our customers might not. Shadowboxes especially can get customers thinking about what they have at home that they want to preserve, protect, and enjoy that aren’t at items.


Quick Tip:
Signed memorabilia, especially related to sports, is a traditional type of object to frame, but there are many other ordinary items that can be turned into art with the right framing. Tru Vue® 2014 Framing Competition Facebook Fans winner Marlowe Hill framed a ten pen speedball set that belonged to his father. Tru Vue Retail Makeover Contest Winner Sheri Wright’s new display wall features several imaginative projects with objects such as cooking utensils, gardening tools, and microbrewery coasters.


5. Keep your space fresh

Your display wall is one of those areas in your store that you can and should keep regularly updated. You can do this by simply adding new projects and rotating between window displays and other parts of your shop.


Quick Tip:

Your display wall is one of those areas in your store that you can and should keep regularly updated. You can do this by simply adding new projects and rotating between window displays and other parts of your shop.


Revamping the display wall at Fourth Corner Frames, Retail Makeover contest winner Sheri Wright’s shop, was a key part of the project. Sheri has found it to be a tremendous boost to her business. She has completed several customer pieces that were inspired by projects featured on her display wall. Click here to visit the FCF website.

This article is intended for educational purposes only and does not replace independent professional judgment. Statements of fact and opinions expressed are those of the author(s) individually and, unless expressly stated to the contrary, are not the opinion or position of Tru Vue or its employees. Tru Vue does not endorse or approve, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, accuracy or completeness of the information presented.

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