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An Engaging Tru Frameable Moment™

By Maureen O'Connor, Tru Vue® Marketing Manager


This spring, we launched Tru Frameable Moments™ to recognize the unique ability custom framing has to celebrate and preserve life’s most memorable times.



Weddings have always been ideal occasions for Tru Frameable Moments. The traditional framed wedding portrait is a custom framing standard, but there are other creative ways framers can help couples look back on their special days.



The moment


Karen Haverstock of Haverstock Creative Designs in Bedford, Nova Scotia, had the opportunity to do such a project recently for a long-time client whose wedding was featured in a seven-page spread in Ottawa Wedding Magazine. the groom wanted to give the framed article as a birthday gift to his bride and hang it as a remembrance of their wedding day.



“I had previously framed a different magazine appearance for this customer,” said Karen. “This time around, though, we decided to include the full article, which was multiple pages with text and images.”



The design


The design Karen created features two matching frames, the first featuring the full-size first page of the article with the couple’s photo, the magazine masthead, and an engraved gold nameplate. The second frames the remaining pages of the article, reduced to fit to scale to enable Karen to make the frames the same height for simpler placement for display. The border on the article pages, printed from a PDF version, to line up perfectly.




Both frames are antiqued ivory white with a gold fillet that coordinates with the gold accents in the article and the wedding photos. The mat is white fabric, and a v-groove breaks up the mass of white on the mat that groups the six pages. The whole package is glazed with Museum Glass®.



Getting the article to fit a balanced framing package was not the only challenge of this project. Karen’s customer is a long-time fan of her work and is actually located in another province, nearly 900 miles away. Having been introduced to her framing while stationed at a local naval base in Bedford, he has continued to come to Karen for framing projects despite the distance and the challenges it presents.



Result – dedicated clients


“We now do design work on his pieces via email, which can be tricky, and it helps that we have worked together previously,” said Haverstock. “On this project, I also received input from his wife, and it was fun incorporating her tastes and opinions.” Karen shipped the two frames to her customer, who was very happy with the results.



While most custom framers may not have the opportunity to work with a client so far away, Karen’s story shows the lasting impression a great custom framing experience can have on people. Framing your customers’ most treasured occasions is a great way to build the kind of loyalty that lasts over distance and time.



Have a Tru Frameable Moment like this one? Click here to enter the Fifth Annual Tru Vue® Framing Competition.

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