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Tru Vue® Employee Experiences His Own Tru Frameable Moment™

By Maureen O'Connor, Tru Vue® Marketing Manager

When Tru Vue® Director of Engineered Optics Robert Metter watched his son Michael graduate from college this past May, he was inspired to capture his son’s experience with a framed piece that highlighted Michael’s college football career.



As a recent new hire at Tru Vue, Robert was participating in an important part of initiation to the company. All new employees go through the process of custom framing to connect more deeply with our customers’ industry. Having experienced custom framing in the past, Robert was familiar with the process and the materials, and looked forward to creating his own Tru Frameable Moment™.



“When you want to preserve a unique moment or piece, you want it done professionally,” said Robert. “A good framer does the little things that make a big difference.”




The Tru Framable Moment


Robert’s son attended Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon, and was a kicker on its Division 3 football team. Linfield’s team has had the longest winning streak of any college, with 60 consecutive winning seasons, and is also known for its high academic expectations of its athletes. Michael kicked the winning 32-yard field goal that sent the team to the semi-finals in his final season and was very proud to have been a part of such an impressive tradition.




The Design


The framing package features his son’s football jersey, a magnetic banner with his son’s name and number, a photo of his game-winning kick, and a plaque including stats from his career performance. A black suede mounting board was chosen to keep the jersey flat and allow the colors of the various items to pop. The purple fillet matches the color of the jersey and magnet and provides rich visual contrast between the black frame and mount. The 28”x40” piece is glazed with Optium Museum Acrylic® to keep it light and protect the items from UV damage, but also for its anti-static, scratch-resistant and anti-reflective benefits.



“The mounting on this piece was particularly impressive,” said Robert. “It looks like a single cohesive piece, not just three or four different items assembled.”



Robert’s son, who will attend graduate school in financial engineering at Stevens Institute in Hoboken, NJ, received the piece the night before graduation and was very impressed. He’s looking forward to hanging it in his first home after grad school. In the meantime, Robert will enjoy the piece and the memories in his home until that time comes.



Tru Frameable Moments is a sales-building initiative that focuses on the ability of custom framing to preserve, protect, and display life’s most memorable moments. Also the theme of this year’s Tru Vue Framing Competition, we’re inviting participants to share a Tru Frameable Moment from their market captured through the creativity and craftsmanship of custom framing. For more information on entering click here.

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