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Capturing a Tru Frameable Moment™ for a Life-Long Pink Floyd Fan

By Meg Glasgow, Industry Expert

Our Tru Frameable Moments™ program is a sales-building initiative that showcases custom framing as the perfect way to preserve and display life’s most memorable events. Tru Vue® Framing Competition judge and owner of The Gallery of Finer Frames, Meg Glasgow talks here about a recent Tru Frameable Moment a customer brought into her shop for a framing package as rockin’ as its subject.



The Moment


When one of my loyal customers, Steve Schutz, came to me with memorabilia from a David Gilmour concert he recently attended, I was thrilled to be able to preserve this moment for him. A Pink Floyd fan since the early-80s, Steve made the trip to Los Angeles in March of this year to see the band’s legendary singer, guitarist, and composer. Living in the Boise, Idaho area, we don’t get as many major musical acts in town as we would like, so Steve decided to make the trip extra special with a fantastic view in the sixth row of the venue.



My goal was to give Steve an equally amazing view of this memorable event with a framing package that was unique and didn’t overpower the treasured pieces from the concert— ticket stubs, a floor pass lanyard and a lithograph. Steve gave me full control of the design. His only direction was that he wanted to do something unique.



The Design


Because the images in the lanyard and lithograph are so bright and vivid, I decided to use texture and shape versus color in the framing. My philosophy is whatever color you want to stand out from the items being framed should be left out of the frame design. In the arrangement of the objects, I was very thoughtful of where the viewer’s eye should be. The objective was to lead the eye gracefully through the shadowbox.






Working with texture and shape to enhance the piece, I needed something that would complement and not overwhelm the eye-catching items. Using the same mat board as the mounting piece, I loaded an image into the software of my mat cutter to create the guitar neck that runs along the left side of the piece.



Understanding the importance of authenticity to music fans, many of whom quickly recognize the gear their favorite performers use, I chose an image of one of the Fender guitars Gilmour plays. The instrument strings are v-cut grooves. It took a few tries to get the scale right, but the results were definitely worth the extra effort.



A Moment Made to Last


Every item is mounted using archival techniques, and all are float-mounted. Acrylic spacers lift the glass from the items. The moulding has a simple black matte finish and is from the Larson-Juhl Brooklyn collection (1.5-inch black cap/ LJ 386350). For preservation and clarity, the 24″ x 24″ piece is protected with Museum Glass®, and backed with acid-free foam board.



This piece is now on the wall of my client’s office, but I took several photos to show other customers the possibilities for their Frameable Moments. A project like this generates great referrals and word-of-mouth.



I am also so happy to have been able to help my client capture the memory of what he said is the best concert he’s ever seen from an artist he has admired for decades. It’s one of the most satisfying aspects of our jobs as custom framers — using creativity to showcase an important event in someone’s life. No one can do that quite like a professional custom framer.



For more information on the Tru Frameable Moments Framing Competition, check out our competition page by clicking here.

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