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An All -Star Game Turned Into An All–Star Tru Frameable Moment™

By John Ranes, Industry Expert

Tru Vue® continues to focus the unique ability of custom framing to help customers celebrate their Tru Frameable Moments™, the special events or times that mark the high points in people’s lives. In this post, John Ranes, owner of The Frame Workshop in Appleton, Wisconsin, talks about a piece one of his designers was able to create for an unforgettable father-son outing.



The moment


Sitting behind home plate for one of your favorite players last major league baseball All-Star Game was an amazing moment for the baseball fans in Heidi Hoerner’s life. Her husband and son, both who have had a lifelong passion for the game, felt privileged to see one of baseball’s greatest talents play his final All-Star game. Heidi hit a home-run herself when she decided to turn this occasion into a Tru Frameable Moment at our shop, The Frame Workshop.



Working with one of our designers, Michelle Kittredge, Heidi brought in the program, featuring the famous baseball player on the cover, and the two lanyards that served as passes to their incredible seats at Target Stadium in Minneapolis. She was excited to give the framed piece as a gift to her husband and son.



The design


The design process began with the placement of the items, balancing the lanyards on either side of the program and using layering to add visual interest with the depth in the three mat openings. The lanyards are sewn down, and the program is wrapped in mylar and mounted with conservation tape. The openings for the lanyards are less than an inch thick but still add depth to the piece. Michelle filled in the blank space at the bottom center of the piece with the year of the game.



Michelle and Heidi choose black framing from Gemini Moulding to create the shadowbox, which is approximately two inches deep, and a black mat (Bainbridge 8517) mounted on foamcore. Black works as a neutral background, in this case playing off the grays and silvers in the cover of the program as well as helping the items pop against the background. The focus is on the items, and the framing makes these mementos the heroes of the story.



Michelle used Conservation Clear® for UV protection so that the Hoerners could enjoy the piece and relive the memories for many years to come.



Happy customers


You can see from the photo we took how thrilled Heidi was to have been able to capture this Frameable Moment for her husband and son. One of the reasons we enjoy being a part of this industry is the enthusiasm we see in our customers when we’ve been able to help them preserve, protect and display their personal treasures.



For more information on Tru Frameable Moments, check out our post from earlier this year (Click here to read) and others that showcase the great work custom framers are doing for their customers. Follow us on Facebook for regular posts on ways custom framers are recognizing Tru Frameable Moments in their shops and using them to build business awareness with current and new customers.

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