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Conservation Framing Seminar – Mumbai and New Delhi, November 2016

In November 2016, Tru Vue was invited by Om Mouldings, part of the Oxford Mouldings Group, to participate in the inaugural Conservation Framing Seminars in Mumbai and New Delhi. These seminars were designed to provide education on conservation issues for framers based throughout India, and a forum for conservators – both private and those based in museums – to discuss directly with framers the different factors that need to be considered when framing heritage items and works of art.


Mr. Yash Bhuta, Managing Partner, Om Mouldings
Mr. Yash Bhuta, Managing Partner, Om Mouldings


Dr. Jennifer Booth, Tru Vue Fine Art & Museums Business Manager, spoke on the subject of how glazing choice can affect the success of a conservation frame. Of particular interest to the audience was how to provide the maximum protection in a climate such as India’s, that can vary widely in both temperature and relative humidity, depending upon location and time of year. A keen debate was held involving speakers and members of the audience over whether or not to use sealed packages and micro-climates.


Another topic of interest was the variety of UV protection offered by different glass products, and which level of UV protection can be considered ‘conservation-grade’. The Image Permanence Institute recommends at least 97% UV blocking for preservation framing (ISO 18902). ISO 18902:2013 Imaging Materials – Processed Imaging Materials, Albums, Framing and Storage Materials, requires that all framed prints be displayed behind glazing of optical density at least 1.5 in the 300nm to 380nm range and passes the photographic activity test (PAT) described in ISO 18916. An optical density of 1.5 is equivalent to blocking 97% of UV in the 300nm to 380nm range.


Dr. Jennifer Booth, Tru Vue Fine Art & Museums Business Manager, demonstrating the benefits of UV Conservation Grade protection.
Dr. Jennifer Booth, Tru Vue Fine Arts & Museums Business Manager, demonstrating the benefits of UV Conservation Grade protection.


Wolfgang Gugerel from Crescent presented on how to construct a conservation frame, including a demonstration of different hinging methods, and Anupam Sah from the Conservation Centre of CSMVS (formerly known as the Prince of Wales Museum) gave a brief talk on the importance of conservation and how events such as these are going to help spread knowledge of conservation framing practices throughout the country, thereby helping preserve India’s art and heritage for future generations.


Over 65 attendees were present at each event, bringing together framers and conservators from nearly every state within India. After the presentations there was time for lunch, continued discussion, and socialization. A trade show area provided attendees with a chance to look at conservation materials from Tru Vue and Crescent hands-on, and to see other materials supplied by Om Mouldings. Both meetings were a great success and it is hoped that the Conservation Framing Seminars will become regular events within India.


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Booth at A highlights video of these events is now available and can be viewed below:



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