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For Tru Vue® UV Line Tech, Longevity Leads to Quality

By Jen Gramm, Tru Vue® Director of Marketing

While many industries in the past 20 years have been driven by trends that result in employee turnover, Tru Vue® has retained many employees who make working at the company a career. With 16 years at Tru Vue, Radmilla Stevia is among those who have been at Tru Vue for more than a decade.



Radmilla believes employee longevity is an important Tru Vue asset. An asset that gives Tru Vue employees the experience and knowledge do their best work and, in turn, to provide Tru Vue customers with the highest quality glazing products in custom framing.



“When you have people working on something for a long time, they begin to understand the products in a way that they don’t if they are around for only a few years,” said Radmilla.



Working on a team with seasoned colleagues may be a tradition of the past, but manufacturing at Tru Vue is squarely in the 21st century. In addition to her team members, Radmilla works alongside automation that helps her to perform several functions better than if she was alone.



For those on the manufacturing lines, these robots play a valuable role in the process of delivering the best glazing in the industry. Like many others who work on the manufacturing floor, Radmilla points out the boost in safety, efficiency, speed, and quality control these robots have brought to the operation.



“Most of the jobs on the line were harder when the robots weren’t there,” said Radmilla. “For example, things like shift changes didn’t run as smoothly before the robots. Introducing the robots has been one of the biggest changes I’ve seen in my time at Tru Vue.”



As a UV Line Technician, Radmilla is in charge of the proper functioning of the UV coating line, which includes ensuring the correct glass sizes are running, defects are addressed, and the equipment is working efficiently and accurately, among other things. The position involves the integration of technology and the human touch.



“Some parts of the process are still done manually, but you need to get used to the screens and what the technology can and can’t do,” she said.



Radmilla credits the technology with helping the diverse workforce work even better together, along with supervisors who make sure any newcomers are well-trained and have access to the knowledge long-timers have to offer.



It’s the balance of employee ingenuity and technological advancement that has helped Tru Vue continue its 70-year tradition as a leader in the glazing industry. Click here to find more blog posts on other Tru Vue employees, long-timers, and newcomers, we are highlighting for our 70th anniversary.

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