Super-size your Optium Museum Acrylic®

Reprinted with permission from SmallCorp


SmallCorp has developed a proprietary method for bonding Tru Vue® 6mm Optium Museum Acrylic® edge to edge to create sheets larger than the standard 72″ x 120″ (3050 mm x 1830 mm).  They can even make them with multiple joins, providing the joins are parallel.  The glued parts are just as strong as the rest of the sheet. The result is lighter than glass, and you already know how wonderful Optium Museum Acrylic looks.  We think you’ll agree, the results are practically seamless! Contact SmallCorp for more information.



Chuck Close painting from a private collection. Frame and 87″ x 102″ seamed Optium Museum Acrylic by SmallCorp. Framing by Sterling Art Services in San Francisco.



Seamless?! Not quite, but see if you can tell.


Close up Chuck Close painting, Private collection.


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