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TruLife® Acrylic Tips: Creating Wall Art from iPhone Panorama Photos


You see a beautiful vista and want to capture it for the ages – you’ve even thought of the perfect spot to hang it. In the past, you would need expensive photography equipment to catch this photo, but now it’s as simple as pulling out your iPhone and choosing the Pano setting option in the camera application.



If you haven’t tried the iPhone panorama feature yet, here are some great tips for getting the best panoramic shots. Or, maybe you’ve already taken some amazing photos, but aren’t quite sure how to print them.


Transforming Your Photo to Wall Art


Our printing partner, Artmill, can make it easy for you!  It’s so easy in fact, all you need to do is follow the steps below and your panoramic wall art will be on its way to your home, office, gallery, etc!  Artmill produces panoramic prints, ready to hang on the wall from your iPhone, Android, and DSLR photos.  If you’re interested in seeing how their printing process works, be sure to check out this video!



1. Find your perfect scene and take the shot


For the best possible shot, be sure to keep your iPhone steady while filming.  Securing your phone on a tripod may help with this.  To capture the full panorama, pan vertically by turning the iPhone horizontally.  As mentioned before, here are some great tips for getting the best panoramic shots.



2. Decide where you’ll hang your wall art


It will be easier to choose your print size for your piece, when you know where it will hang.  To help with this decision, take a look at this infographic with tips on how to display your masterpiece in different rooms.



3. Choose your product finish


We recommend the Gallery Acrylic Facemount. And for the most stunning presentation, select the acrylic upgrade to anti-reflective TruLife® Acrylic.



4. Upload your photograph


For optimal print quality, Artmill recommends using an image file with the highest resolution available, the original actual size file.  Artmill will accept  .jpg, .tiff, and .png file types not to exceed the maximum files size of 100MB.



5. Choose your preferred size


Artmill offers Gallery Acrylic Facemount prints in sizes up to 60″ x 120″.  For the best image quality, make sure to click “Lock Aspect Ratio” when selecting the size.



6. Complete your order and checkout


Before checking out, be sure to review all of your upgrade options for the best presentation.  And then as a bonus step –  get ready to see your gorgeous iphone panorama photo on your wall.



Choose TruLife Acrylic for the Best Presentation


Your iPhone panorama photo will be a focal point in your room. When you choose TruLife Acrylic to face mount your wall art, you will enjoy the best possible presentation.  Among its many features, TruLife Acrylic has a single-sided virtually invisible anti-reflective coating allowing viewers to see the finest details. TruLife is also 99% UV-filtering, abrasion resistant, and anti-static, offering uncompromising protection and preservation.


These features provide the most stunning presentation of your iPhone panorama photos:


  • Anti-reflective—reflections are nearly invisible when image is printed or face mounted
  • Vibrant colors, depth, and clarity
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Anti-static properties to minimize dust
  • 99% UV protection



If you don’t take our word for it, photographers are thrilled with TruLife Acrylic and think it’s a perfect choice for their fine art prints.



“People are going nuts for the crystal clear quality of TruLife.”




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A version of this post was originally published by Artmill.



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