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Focus On Value Drives Success For Custom Framing Business

By Jen Gramm, Tru Vue® Director of Marketing


Becky Strom of Posters On Board in Minneapolis, MN, is one of the custom framers featured in our ad series that showcases the talent and expertise of our customers. In this post, we cover some of the ways that quality plays a role in her business, which serves clients with a wide range of budgets and framing needs.



Becky took over Posters On Board from her father-in-law five years ago. The business is named after a technique of mounting posters on wood, which her father-in-law brought back from Germany after teaching high school at an Air Force base there. Though she is relatively new to the custom framing business, Becky has learned that focusing on quality in custom framing helps to build trust with customers. Utilizing this knowledge, she has built on the already strong reputation of the business, by introducing more customers to the value of preservation and protection.



Employing a framing approach that focuses on developing relationships, Becky initiates projects with customers by asking the question, “Why is this worthy of being put on your wall?” Through the years, she has handled everything from a concert poster, handcuffs from a retiring police officer, to the last remaining photo of someone’s parents. Each project holds importance to the customer, who is putting a treasured object in the hands of the team at Posters On Board.



“We are not in a high-end market, so customers appreciate the range of options we offer,” said Becky.  “One thing I have learned is how important protection is to customers. People understand preserving colors and the risks of fading. They know protection adds value to their investment.”



As a result, one of the best practices Becky has emphasized since taking over the business is explaining what benefits are available with glazing. She uses the Tru Vue® Glass Choices Display to demonstrate the different options available with UV protection. For pieces with depth, customers are wowed by the clarity of Museum Glass®. This focus on glazing has contributed to her bottom line, as well as customer satisfaction.



“We are known for our ability to provide a variety of options to customers, which is one of the reasons we have so many referrals,” said Becky. “Over the years, I’ve learned to use the display and recommend upgraded glazing more often. Customers appreciate the advice we offer and come to trust us more for it.”



While quality plays a key role in customer service, Becky also recognizes the importance of the personal touch to customers, especially from a small business, along with the confidence that they have to have to trust that their pieces are safe throughout the framing process.



“One of the reasons I was excited to take over this business was the enjoyment I get from working with customers,” she said. “When a customer comes in and says, ‘Wow, this is awesome!’, it makes my day.”

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