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Honoring a Hometown Champion On and Off the Field

By Maureen O'Connor, Tru Vue® Marketing Manager

As we wait to see the Tru Vue® Framing Competition finalist submissions at WCAF, we are taking a look back at a semi-finalist entry from last year that captured a Tru Frameable Moment® for a beloved hometown hero.



The Moment


When Mike Fitzsimmons decided to enter last year’s Tru Vue Framing Competition, he was inspired by the Tru Frameable Moment® theme and honored one of his hometown’s most endearing athletes. Edward Murtaugh was a multi-sport athlete in the Special Olympics and had won a gold medal as part of the Team NJ volleyball team in 2014.  He became the first Special Olympics athlete from the Borough of Westwood, New Jersey, to bring home the gold.



“This is a big sports town, so this was a great story all around,” said Fitzsimmons. “With his positive and caring attitude, Edward is recognized as much for who he is as a person as he is for his athletic ability.”



The Design


Mike began designing the piece by using a mix of originals and reproductions because some of the originals had shown signs of wear-and-tear due to Edward’s openness in sharing them with other people. The items included a Special Olympics jersey, a gold medal, a letter from President Obama, a proclamation from the Westwood mayor, a ticket stub from the Special Olympics closing ceremony, a Special Olympics stamp, and a photo of Murtaugh.



Because of the number of items, Mike was challenged to create a design that allowed each item to stand on its own visually. His solution was to float-mount the items on three different pieces of Optium Museum Acrylic® at varying depths. Optium Museum Acrylic also came in handy in a solution to address darkness that is often a factor in shadowboxes. Mike created a “skylight” along the top rail of the frame using the 99% UV glazing.



Creating community connections


With more than 30 years in the custom framing business, and nearly 20 years as a shop owner in Westwood, Mike was motivated to enter the Tru Vue Framing Competition to have the opportunity to work with new design concepts. Being able to tie in such an amazing story from his community made his efforts even more fulfilling.



You don’t have to wait for a competition to tap into the excitement of a Tru Frameable Moment. This concept is ideal for framers to incorporate into their businesses at any time. Check out this post  for more information on connecting with your community.

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