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Tru Vue® Retail Makeover Leaves Lasting Impact

By Jen Gramm, Tru Vue® Director of Marketing

We  recently launched our third Tru Vue® Retail Boot Camp Giveaway: Driving Footsteps to your Door with Meg Glasgow.  Click here for more information and instructions on how to submit your entry. During our submission period, we decided to reach out to the winner of our first retail boot camp giveaway, Sheri Wright of Fourth Corner Frames in Bellingham, WA, to see how her business has changed since winning the Tru Vue Retail Makeover.



In 2014, Fourth Corner Frames in Bellingham, WA, kicked off the holiday season with its grand reopening after receiving its Tru Vue® Retail Makeover. A little more than three years later, the makeover momentum continues to drive the shop’s impressive growth.


Before Retail Boot Camp Makeover
After Retail Boot Camp Makeover


Continued success


“Business has been great; we just finished our best year ever with a 12.6 percent increase over last year,” said Sheri Wright, who has owned Fourth Corner Frames for 16 years. “I’ve also noticed that our month-to-month sales have become more stable each year.”



Sheri attributes much of this success to the continuation of the marketing program that she established with the help of makeover consultants, Ken Baur of KB Consulting and Meg Glasgow of The Gallery at Finer Frames in Eagle, ID. As part of the retail makeover provided by Tru Vue, not only did Fourth Corner Frames receive a complete aesthetic remodel of the interior and exterior of the shop but also received consultations from Baur and Glasgow on pricing, re-branding, and marketing inclusive of a new website. Click here to watch the video of Fourth Corner Frames transition from the makeover.



In the first year after the makeover, Fourth Corner Frames’ business increased by 40 percent compared to its previous year. Sheri has been able to extend its success with a consistent marketing plan that focuses on leveraging local publicity, driving foot traffic through events, and meeting deadlines. She also invested in a part-time marketing manager who helps her identify opportunities and follow through on her program.



Having a marketing plan has also helped her pay attention to trends in custom framing and devoting time to the most important area of her business. “Framing is where my bottom line is,” said Sheri. “Art and gallery sales are the sprinkles on my cupcake.”



New customers


Fourth Corner Frames has seen increased business from younger consumers, which can be attributed to the re-branding and use of a targeted marketing plan. These customers have a prime real estate for custom framing by buying their first homes with more wall space. Reaching this new customer base has become essential, as her more established repeat customers are in the opposite life cycle and downsizing.



Sheri has found that even though younger customers bring in different items to frame — things like concert posters and pop culture art and memorabilia — all customers respond to great service. Ensuring unparalleled customer service not only translates to sales, but it also encourages customers to feel comfortable coming back with other framing projects.



“I find that all customers respond to an approach that is timeless which is personal service,” said Sheri. “And that everyone has a framing story and part of sales is finding out what is behind their desire to frame what they’ve brought in. When you relate to their story during the sales process, it helps to overcome price objections. They better understand the value and benefits of what we’re offering.”



New challenges


Maintaining momentum through marketing communication will continue to be one of Sheri’s most important goals, but she also wants to try new things such as branching out into the community more and focusing on business development in corporate sales. This may be a bit outside of her comfort zone, but she is looking forward to the challenge of doing something that she hasn’t done before.



“Starting from a standstill is the tough part, so I appreciate the momentum the makeover gave me,” said Sheri. “The shop still looks great, and we continue to receive compliments. It’s good to have that to build upon.”

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