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TruLife® Acrylic Featured Photographer: Jason D. Little

Jason D. Little is a photographer, a writer, and a New Yorker (usually in that order).



The beginning


Jason started photography a little before 2008. But his ideas and imagination couldn’t keep up with the little pocket point-and-shoot camera that helped him start his journey. He got his first “real” camera in 2008 and, “from there, everything just took off,” he says with a smile.



Jason D. Little: genre-agnostic photographer


Jason describes himself as “genre-agnostic”. “I photograph whatever moves me, whatever catches my eye, or whatever the city puts in front of me. There’s no point in overthinking things. Whether I’m shooting cityscapes, portraits, architecture, or street photography, I try to convey both the grace and grit of New York City.”



The Way to San Remo – Central Park by Jason D. Little



We were able to catch up with Jason to talk about “The Way to San Remo,” a photo he shot in Central Park, New York, that he recently had face mounted on TruLife® Acrylic.



“It was random,” he modestly says when asked about this shot. “This photograph”, he says, “was all thanks to my wife for spotting the view during a Saturday morning walk through the park.”



Equipment & technical details


Jason shot “The Way to San Remo” with an Olympus E-M5 Mark II, and a 17mm 1.8 lens. He set his camera with an aperture of 5.6, f-stop of F8, and a 1/60 shutter speed. This is Jason’s, “walking around settings,” which are set to make sure that everything is in focus to capture any shot that he sees.





Digital only tells part of the story


When it comes to photo printing and presentation, Jason understands that we live in a digital world, but that only tells part of the story for a lot of creatives.



“I love film photography (and have been developing my own color and black and white film for a little while now),” he explains. “And I love printing photos. A print fills a space that zeros and ones simply can’t occupy. You can bond and reflect on a printed image, but you can’t reflect on that same image when it is trapped behind a screen.”



Jason D. Little on printing and presentation




For more of Jason D. Little’s work


Jason does much of his writing on Light Stalking, a photography blog, but you can find out more about him and his work at the links below:


Jason D. Little’s website

Jason D. Little on Instagram

Jason D. Little on Facebook



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