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Lisa Robinson: Printing With Acrylic

By Lisa Robinson

Recently, my friend and fellow Photofocus author, Levi Sim, called me up and asking me about how I print my photos for my clients.



We discussed the options that I have and where I like to have my photos printed (editor’s note: there’s a search function at the bottom of this post to find the printer or face mounter who carries TruLife® Acrylic near you!), and he asked me if I had ever used acrylics.



I shared with him that truthfully, to date I haven’t enjoyed acrylic prints. I find them to be a bit too much “in your face” with their super reflective nature. I always found that the acrylic got in the way of the viewing experience.



He proceeded to tell me about printing with TruLife® Acrylic. What I found out was that it seems like a bunch of people who felt the same way about acrylics like I do, got together and found out a way to combat the problem.



And now that I’ve given TruLife Acrylic a try, I have to say; they hit it out of the park!



Quality Color, Quality Construction


When I got my order in the mail, it arrived in sturdy packaging and was wrapped with care (hooray attention to every detail!).



As I unwrapped the acrylics, I was blown away. The richness and depth of color in the Fuji paper they use was beautiful and the TruLife Acrylic seemed to enhance those qualities even more. I ordered both color and black and white photos, and they were both able to reproduce the tonal range beautifully.



The photo was face mounted, which means they fuse the acrylic to the front of the photo, and not the back. What’s interesting about this is that when you view the image from the side, through the actual thickness of the acrylic, it provides a really interesting look along the edges.



The backside has a seamlessly mounted wood block that helps the acrylic stand out from the wall as it hangs, adding an interesting visual look to it. They even have a custom cut wood block for mounting that you screw into the wall first, then slide the acrylic on to for a no-slip hanging process.


Tonal range even in the black and white was gorgeous on the Fuji paper they use.


I enjoyed the bare edge of the acrylic. It was very interesting to look at. Also, the space that the mounting block created against the wall was a nice way of displaying



The customized mounting block was awesome. With a predrilled hole, it was easy to put it on the wall where I wanted and then to just slide the print on top. It fit perfectly.



Distracting Reflections? What Distracting Reflections?


Even though I ordered prints for my business studio area, I decided to pick a spot in my home to see how they looked as I’m in-between studio spaces at the moment. I decided to pick the sunniest spot in the house. I wanted to see how this acrylic handled the high spectral reflections and highlights that I have come to loathe about traditional acrylic.



Again, I was thoroughly impressed. You had to go to some pretty extreme angles of view to see the reflections. By my (non-expert) estimation it was around 150 degrees of viewing angle that were reflection free, which is totally awesome.



Normally, I’d expect huge spectral flares and reflections from this angle of a standard acrylic. TruLife Acrylic (thankfully) does not deliver on that. It looks beautiful!


The sunniest spot in my home, viewing the photo from an extreme angle. Some minor reflections. Nothing obtrusive.


Another extreme angle of view. This was the “worst” I could get the reflections and highlights. Still far less than traditional glass or acrylic and nothing that impedes being able to still see the photo itself.



Verdict: Printing with TruLife Acrylic is Gorgeous & Tasteful


I truthfully don’t think there is anything I would change about this product. I’m excited to begin showing it to my clients and to show them how acrylic prints don’t just have to be for modern styled homes anymore.



Now that TruLife Acrylic tones down the flashiness, it looks great in more than just modernly aesthetic homes. Printing with acrylic has opened up a whole new product line for me and I couldn’t be more excited!



Editor’s Note: You should also check what Lisa’s Photofocus colleagues, Bryan Esler and Levi Sim, have to say!



A version of this article originally appeared on Photofocus.



Lisa Robinson is the Co-Founder of SoftBox Media and Owner/Lead Photographer at Lovesome Photography: Top-notch, award-winning wedding and portrait services for the D.C. area and beyond. You can also find her on Instagram and Twitter.



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