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Consider a Retail Event to Drive Sales this Mother’s Day

By Nicole Kowalczyk, Tru Vue® Marketing Analyst

You didn’t forget, did you?



Mother’s Day is right around the corner on Sunday, May 13. But we’re not reminding you just so you remember to do something thoughtful for the mother figures in your life (although, you certainly should.) We’re also reminding you because Mother’s Day is a significant shopping event that retail businesses should definitely take advantage of.



The National Retail Federation estimates that 86 percent of Americans this year will drop money for Mother’s Day, with an average spend of $180 per person. That adds up to a total spend of $23.1 billion.



With 19 percent of that anticipated spend targeted for “housewares or garden tools” – a broad-ranging category in which the Retail Federation includes custom framing – there’s a great reason for your shop to get in on the action. And how can custom framers get a leg up against the competition? Well, the National Retailers Federation report notes that 29 percent of mothers would like to receive an experiential gift this Mother’s Day.



So check out some fun retail events that your frame shop could host to make this Mother’s Day special – for both moms and your shop.





Framed for Mommy


Break out the crayons, markers, and construction paper!



Set up some low tables and invite families with small children to spend some time on Mother’s Day weekend creating kids art workshop in your shop. Have an art teacher on-site to instruct the workshop, and keep in mind that using a local neighborhood teacher could help pull in more attendees, as well as get your frame shop more involved with the community. You can supply the arts and crafts materials along with some refreshments to enhance the fun atmosphere.



Since you’re in charge of the supplies during your event and the size of each project created during it, you can have some fun pre-made custom mouldings on hand for framing options. But another great add-on would be a Mother’s Day special for the attendees of the workshop; show them how custom framing can create truly one-of-a-kind pieces that mom will treasure out of the artwork the children make.



During your event, also be sure to take advantage of your “silent salesperson” which will showcase the different options that attendees have with custom framing. Keep prices reasonable to encourage word-of-mouth and create goodwill for your shop!





Mother’s Day Party


Another great idea to bring new customers into your shop is by hosting a Mother’s Day party in your shop.



You could offer amenities such as food and drink, and even engage a local masseuse in offering free 10-min massages to mothers. If you don’t think that’s enough to tempt your best customers into spending some of their Mother’s Day weekend with you, consider offering a raffle with free framing as a prize, or a general framing discount.



Your customers will be in a family-focused mood. If you have examples of family photo framing, display them to help inspire your customers’ next purchase.





Paint and Sip Party


The Paint and Sip industry has gotten big in the last few years. Paint Nite, Bottles and Bottega, and others are businesses with the same model – hosting group painting classes with a professional art teacher and an open bar.



These businesses are often franchised and it is estimated that there are 1,000 in the U.S. and Canada. Their clientele is 78 percent women, so this could appeal to moms as an evening Mother’s Day Weekend activity.



Consider teaming up with one of these franchises and offer custom framing of the finished pieces for a discounted price.



Whatever you decide to with your business, everyone here at Tru Vue wishes you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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