TruLife Acrylic: Art For Your Home

By Katlin Schneider

After a move, you want to bring your home together in a way that makes it feel like it’s your own. More than clearing out the boxes, arranging the furniture, or making your space feel functional, adding personal touches of art and décor turns a house into “your home.”





If you want to create personalized art for your home, the simple solution is to draw from your own photos or request images from your favorite online artists and mount those images using one of our many options.



Artmill provides multiple unique framing alternatives that compliment a range of art styles and are ready to hang. The clean and modern Gallery Acrylic Facemount offers several types of acrylic to choose from. Our recommendation is TruLife® Acrylic for its versatility among environments and extreme durability.



Art for Your Home: Thanks, Instagram


One of our own staff members went the route of printing and mounting her two 11″x 13″ and larger 16″x 24″ black and white photos to Trulife® Acrylic after recently moving.





Two of the three photographs hanging in her office were sourced from Instagram and taken by local Chicago photographers, Ed Gilardon and Kevin Cobos.



Since the photos are high contrast black and white, she elected to have all three prints mounted to TruLife Acrylic. The anti-reflective surface delivers the highest-resolution viewing of the images by preventing distracting glares. TruLife is also ideal for achieving depth and clarity, so the details in the darkest images still stand out with vibrant clarity. Our teammate loves how they look in her home office.



“I love how clear the acrylic is. Every time I pass my artwork or I’m sitting at my desk, I can really see the details and enjoy the photos to their fullest potential.”



Benefits of TruLife® Acrylic


Some of the other benefits of hanging TruLife Acrylic are:


  • The anti-reflective and 99% UV protected surface allows you to hang your art anywhere in your home without worry of decreased visibility or fading.
  • Less cleaning! The anti-static properties of the acrylic mean less dust collecting on your artwork.
  • Shatter resistant material and anti-scratch coating means you can hang anywhere without fear of the art being damaged (even if knocked down during rambunctious rough-housing).



Original photos by Ed Gilardon (left) and Kevin Cobos (right).




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A version of this post appeared on Artmill.



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