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TruLife® Acrylic Features: Haley Pope, Photojournalist and Zoologist

Greater conservation awareness and science education is not only needed, but is necessary to ensure people make responsible decisions about their lives and our shared planet.  To help fill in the gap, I founded TerraLens Photography LLC. I hope to do my part by raising awareness through photography and writing and encouraging us to be more conscientious of how our actions impact the Earth.  – Haley Pope



Haley Pope: The Early (Formative) Years


While Haley was born in Atlanta, Georgia, she spent much of her formative years in Malaysia, Chile, and South Africa. These unique paradises encouraged her curious nature, providing a strong foundation to become an explorer, as well as an animal and nature lover at an early age.



Haley Pope: The Scientist


Driven by her love and appreciation for the natural world, along with a near-insatiable desire to understand nature’s biological processes, Haley pursued (and earned) a B.A. in biology at Elon University in North Carolina. After a break to gain conservation and research experience in the field, Haley eventually enrolled at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. She earned a M.S. in Zoology with a concentration in invasion marine ecology and climate change.



Haley Pope: (Re)Discovering the Lost World


“My years in South Africa, specifically, introduced me to a breathtaking, raw natural world I thought was lost,” Haley explains. “At the same time, I was also learning about conservation issues like poaching, human-wildlife conflict, wildlife crime, habitat degradation, invasive species and overpopulation that were impacting both the animals and the local communities. I saw a need for these issues to be retold in a relatable, understandable, and enjoyable way to the public, not in strictly scientific terms, as I had learned about them.”



The Shot: Mesa Arch


The shot Haley chose to be face mounted on TruLife® Acrylic was taken at the Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park, Utah.





“This is probably one of the most photographed spots in Canyonland,” Haley says. The difference? “Most people take a picture of the rock arch, looking through… but instead of using the arch as a frame, I wanted to use it as more of a window to look through. When you’re not looking at the arch, what is it that you see?”




Haley Pope: The Interview!


Check out our interview with Haley Pope:




Where to Find Haley Pope?


Where can you see more of Haley and her work?


Terra Lens Photography


Haley Pope on Instagram


Haley Pope on Facebook



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