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The Timeless Treasure of a Family Reunion Portrait

By Maureen O'Connor, Tru Vue® Marketing Manager

When we asked the custom framers who were featured in a Tru Vue® advertising campaign to contribute a framing project to showcase at the Tru Vue® booth at the 2018 West Coast Art and Frame Expo, each of them chose something very personal. Kathy Rafferty of Lake Forest Frame & Design in Lake Forest, IL, chose to frame a particularly significant family photograph.



The Moment


Two summers ago, Kathy and her husband organized a reunion to bring together their five children, their children’s four spouses and their nine grandchildren at the home of one of their daughters set on a lake in the Vermont countryside. They didn’t know it at the time, but it would be the last opportunity for the whole family to gather. A month after the reunion, one of Kathy’s children passed away unexpectedly. Fortunately, they had arranged for a photographer to take a family portrait to capture the moment.



The Design


The natural environment of the lakeside home tucked away among the trees inspired the composition of the photograph, which features the family in casual clothing seated and standing in small groups surrounding Kathy and her husband. In her frame design, Kathy chose elements that embrace both the relaxed imagery and the formality of portraiture, with an emphasis on the warmth and specialness of the occasion.



The stacked frame design features a Larson-Juhl walnut frame set between a hand-finished water-gilded gold frame and fillet from Larson-Juhl. The photograph fills the interior of the frame without the use of a matt. To preserve and enjoy the piece for generations, Kathy selected Museum Glass®, lifted with spacers, for its 99% UV protection and anti-reflective properties.



“Photographs keep the memories for us,” said Kathy. “This one is something my family and I will treasure forever, which is why I chose to frame it.”



Get Inspired to Inspire


Moments like this are ideal projects to engage customers and demonstrate the ability of custom framing to preserve, protect, and beautifully display personal treasures. If you are interested in learning more about how you can inspire your customers to honor their Tru Frameable Moments™ through custom framing, visit our recently launched Resource Library. This new section of our website brings together tools, tutorials, and videos you can share with customers showcasing the amazing work custom framing does to preserve and display life’s most important memories.

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