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4 of the Best Photography Destinations to Shoot in 2020 | TruLife

4 of the Best Photography Destinations to Check Out in 2020



Part of being a photographer is capturing a moment to evoke emotion through art, and what better way to capture feelings than traveling to places of beauty? Whether manmade or naturally occurring, some places are so awe-inspiring that they spark creativity and nurture inspiration. Here are a few of our favorite photography destinations that you should check out this year.



1. Neuschwanstein Castle








Fun fact: this is the castle that inspired Disneyland’s Cinderella Castle! The stunning, fairytale-like architecture and surrounding scenery make this fact come as no surprise. Nestled in an area called Hohenschwangau in southern Germany, it borders a gorgeous, quaint little town called Füssen, which is itself a popular destination for photographers. Standing on the Marienbrücke (Mary’s Bridge) across from the castle offers the most spectacular view, pictured above. Spend the day hiking the tranquil trails, exploring the villages and learning about the area’s rich (and wild!) history. You’ll have no trouble filling up your SD card with quality landscape shots.


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2. Northern Italy








Northern Italian is truly a sight to behold and one of the best photography destinations in the world for good reason! Between the peaceful villages, friendly people, thriving culture, and delicious food, you’ll find it hard not to fall in love. Spend some time soaking in the waterside spectacles of Venice or head north to the hiking trails of the Italian Alps. Either way, you’ll find some of the most photogenic land- and cityscapes that are sure to inspire some creativity.



3. Dubrovnik, Croatia








The city of Dubrovnik in Croatia is home to some spectacular features: medieval walls on the Adriatic Sea, delightful sunny streets, hot sand on expansive beaches, a hilly landscape, and ancient architecture. You may even recognize it from HBO’s Game of Thrones — it was King’s Landing. Although you’ll be relieved to find it’s been untouched by dragon-induced destruction.


4. Iceland








There’s nothing not to love about the beauty Iceland offers. Between the many hot springs, mountainous/volcanic landscapes, waterfalls, Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights), and the Viking-inspired attractions in Reykjavik, you’ll have no shortage of gorgeous shots — even if you do have to bundle up a bit.


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