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A New Product That Can Simplify Your Next Glass Project: Vista Anti-Reflective® with Post Temperable Coating

Tru Vue has developed a new anti-reflective glass designed and coated to withstand the tough heat and process conditions of tempering furnaces. Vista AR® post temperable glass is offered in single sided and double sided coating to help simplify and streamline your glass projects. Available with or without EZ Clean top coat and always made with the same durability and scratch resistant attributes you’ve come to know in Vista AR® Glass.



Learn more about Vista Anti-Reflective® with Post Temperable Coating features, benefits and applications below to determine if this new product is right for your business.



Read, ‘Buyer’s Guide: Vista AR® Technical Glass & Best Use Cases.



What is Vista Anti-Reflective® with Post Temperable Coating?


Vista Anti-Reflective® with Post Temperable Coating is a wideband glass that reduces overall reflection and allows for heat tempering by glass fabricators. It is one of the most superior post tempered products on the market and is a new glass coating now made by Tru Vue domestically in Minnesota.



The ability to post temper is a testament to the product’s versatility and resulting durability. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than regular annealed glass of the same thickness and is often referred to as “safety glass” because it meets code specifications and federal standards required of various organizations for safety glazing. In addition, Vista Anti-Reflective® with Post Temperable Coating consistently measures less than 1% total light reflectance and the neutral off-angle color promotes exquisite clarity. 



Vista Anti-Reflective® with Post Temperable Coating – Technical Information




Contact Tru Vue for additional technical specifications on this new coating.



Features & Benefits of Vista Anti-Reflective® with Post Temperable Coating


  • Various processing possibilities and customizability (both single-sided and 2-sided coating options). 
  • Available with EZ Clean coating.
  • Impeccable durability for a multitude of outdoor applications subject to harsh weather or temperature changes.
  • Produced using magnetron sputtered coating technology and which enhances optical surfaces. 
  • Neutral off-angle color to provide an optimum view through the glass, even in complex lighting conditions.
  • Wideband non-conductive anti-reflective glass engineered to minimize overall reflection with 1% total reflectance. 
  • Delivers exceptional performance in durability and scratch resistance that protects your investment and increases the lifetime of the finished product (a strong selling point to the end customer).



Ideal Applications for Vista Anti-Reflective® with Post Temperable Coating


  • Refrigeration doors: Think of freezer doors at the grocery store highlighting your favorite ice cream or frozen pizza. Vista Anti-Reflective® with Post Temperable Coating creates an optimum shopping experience for cold storage merchandisers because of the low light transmittance.
  • Outdoor displays: Menu boards, retail advertising and directional signs for outdoor malls are just a few examples of outdoor displays best suited for Vista Anti-Reflective® with Post Temperable Coating because of the durability to withstand outdoor elements like salt, fog and humidity. 
  • Sports Field Lighting  -or-  Outdoor Lighting: Used to increase light transmission, save energy and improve overall performance—lighting glass covers are widely used in stadiums, athletic fields and parks. 



Grow Your Business with a Better Performing Domestic Product


Our team understands the critical nature of cosmetic specifications to ensure high-quality glass products. Our products can withstand rigorous customer testing to provide Vista Anti-Reflective® with Post Temperable Coating to fabricators. With 25 years of experience and a U.S. footprint, Tru Vue has a distinct advantage when it comes to innovation in thin-film technology.



We’d love to learn more about your next glass project and collaborate on a custom solution. Connect with us to see how Tru Vue can generate new customers and bring added value and diversification to your business. Or read our recent blog post, Buyers Guide: Vista AR® Technical Glass & Best Use Cases’ for more information. 

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