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TruLife® Acrylic Features: Lazar Gintchin

Lazar Gintchin is a Colorado based fine art photographer with a large portfolio of nature and landscape images from around the world. Living close to the mountains he often photographs there; however, he also travels within the US and internationally in search of magical landscapes. He creates “windows to nature” through high quality large format photo prints. His goal is for any viewer of his artwork to feel as if they are looking out through a window, into the scene that he captured with his camera.



Lazar’s images have been sold in various galleries throughout Colorado and are a prized possession for both US and international art owners. His photography is distinguished by the classic panoramic (1×3) photography format, which captures the natural beauty through a wide view.



Favorite Image



Ocean Dream – Have you ever stood on an old wooden jetty which stretches into the ocean? Have you done it during sunrise when no one else was around you? You look into the infinite horizon as the sun gently rises and paints everything with orange light and color. The water and air are still and the glassy ocean reflects the clouds and the sky.



I had a special moment, just like that, while capturing this image. In all my years of nature photography, it was a first time experience of this kind for me. The scene was dominated by beauty and calm. Multiple elements came together in one moment, creating a simple yet very powerful view.



The left half is dominated by warm colors, while the right one is mostly hued with blues. Also, I love how the saturated light is permeating the entire landscape. It is on the horizon, in the clouds, in the water. There is something so magical about a simple walkway pointing into the far distance of an unobstructed view. It invites and creates a desire for exploration. It brings a motivation for discovery. It inspires a longing to see what awaits beyond the horizon. This is the ocean dream.



Why I Recommend TruLife®


I believe that TruLife® anti reflective acrylic prints are a superior fine art print product. Here are the main reasons:


  • Clarity – TruLife prints have amazing sharpness and clarity. There are two reasons for that. First, they allow you to use any photographic print paper and thus one can choose the most superior papers available such as FujiFlex and Metallic True. Second, and more importantly, TruLife acrylic has a great transparency quality, which allows the print underneath it to appear vibrant and with lots of clarity.
  • Lightness – TruLife acrylic glass is very light which is especially important when printing large format prints. This quality makes it easier to ship to and/or transport acrylic prints. In addition, it removes the need for heavy duty wall mounting anchors when hanging the print.
  • Protection – TruLife prints seals and protects the paper print from dust, air particles, and UV rays, which can all be very damaging to a print and drastically reduce its life by causing it to fade and/or lose its vibrancy.
  • Anti Reflective Gloss – A high gloss print can look really stunning. That is one reason why acrylic and metal prints can be so impressive. However, high gloss is also very reflective. Meaning, when a person looks at a glossy print, any light behind them (such as coming from a window or a lamp) will be reflected on the print’s surface. The result is a diminished experience for the viewer. TruLife on the other hand solves that problem while still maintaining a great degree of print surface gloss.
  • Abrasion Resistance Quality – An additional protection provided by TruLife glass is its anti-scratch quality. This is another way to ensure that the art collector will enjoy a high quality product for a long time.
  • Looks Amazing Framed or Frameless – TruLife acrylic prints have great overall look and are incredibly versatile. On one hand, it is a ready to mount product which looks very modern and stylish as is, without adding a frame to it. On the other hand, one can choose to frame a TruLife acrylic print and it will still look stunning. As a photographer this is great that I can offer both versions to my customers with the same high quality product.



Bringing Images to Life


Trusted by photographers around the world, TruLife features a single-sided virtually invisible anti-reflective coating allowing viewers to see the finest details. TruLife also is UV-filtering, abrasion resistant, and anti-static offer uncompromising protection and preservation. View the product information or contact us to discuss specs or to find a distributor near you.