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Raise your glass

Elevating the Artists Who Elevate the Art


To the Tru Vue® All-Star Framing Competition Winners

The votes are in for our framing competition, held during the West Coast Art & Frame Expo, and congratulations are in order! To see the winning pieces and learn more about the All-Star framers, click on the images below.

The theme for this year was "Raise Your Craft to Raise Awareness," because we believe that contests like this have helped raise the craftsmanship, creativity, and recognition of the artistry of custom framing. We wanted to give our All-Stars the opportunity to raise awareness for a deserving subject of their choice – and Tru Vue will make a $500 donation to the charity of choice picked by the winner of the Social Media Fan Favorite Award, Kosal Eang.

All Competitors

For the Tru Vue® All-Star Framing Competition

Michael Mixon

“A Clear Message”

Andrea Tucker Hatch

“Everyone Has Bad Days”

Donna Erwin

“Treating the Heart and Soul of Alzheimer's Patients”

Kosal Eang


Myrna Dow

“Inner Strength - Outward Beauty”

Sarah Beckett

“Celebrate the Arts”


“A Clear Message”

Michael Mixon of Hanging Around Hoover in Hoover, AL

Tru Vue® Product Used:

Museum Glass®

This All-Star framer wants you to know one thing above all else – that everyone is welcome in my shop!

"This frame doesn't care if you are gay, straight, religious, agnostic, Republican, Democrat, black or white, and neither does the person that built it," says this All-Star. "All are welcome here." That clear message can be found right in the middle of the mirror, allowing all people to reflect on everything that combines to make them beautiful. The inclusive quote is bordered in a rainbow frame and floated on a mirror with space on each side for those important moments of reflection.


“Inner Strength - Outward Beauty”

Myrna Dow of High Desert Frameworks in Bend, OR

Tru Vue® Product Used:

Glazing: Optium Museum Acrylic®

Let's join together to raise awareness for the fight against cancer!

As this all-star framer knows all too well, battling a debilitating disease has a tremendous effect on the mind, body, and soul. Losing both parents to cancer during a two-year stretch profoundly changes a person's perspective and priorities while serving as a catalyst to help others affected by the disease.

When presented with the opportunity from Tru Vue® to create a piece devoted to raising awareness, our all-star was thrilled! The goal of the piece is to highlight how those battling cancer must tackle the journey with immense inner strength and courageous outward beauty. The artwork created was a highly collaborative effort among the framer, family members, and other art specialists. The below epistle was a collaboration written by the all-star and family to help serve as the creative direction and inspiration for the piece.

I am a young woman with cancer. I am your neighbor. I am your coworker. I am your friend. I am your sister. I am your mother. I am your wife. Our journey is riddled with bumps, pitfalls, and roadblocks. Hearing the "C" word the first time flooded me with so many emotions; fear for myself and the ones I love, sorrow for the potential outcome, and hope for beating the beast... I will beat the beast!

Losing my hair as a result of the invasive treatment was devastating. I chose a henna crown because I am a fighter, and my fight deserves to be beautifully honored. The process was soothing as the artist applied the henna, and the finished piece crowns me with courage. Cancer has deeply impacted my life, as it has likely touched yours. It has surpassed heart disease as the number one killer; it is paramount that we continue the fight for a cure. Join me!

The main artwork in the piece is original designed by the all-star to represent the woman in the poem. Along with the image, words associated with fighting cancer – peace, survive, determination, family, endurance, and many more – were printed on the fabric and mounted to the matboard. The piece was completed using a circular Prisma with a custom cancer ribbon design stacked with another Prisma frame to create added depth.


“Treating the Heart and Soul of Alzheimer's Patients”

Donna Erwin of Columbia River Gallery in Troutdale, OR

Tru Vue® Product Used:

Glazing: Optium Museum Acrylic®

Let's raise awareness on how to better the lives of Alzheimer's patients!

After watching the documentary Alive Inside by Dan Cohen, this all-star became motivated to get involved. While treating the mind of Alzheimer's patients has proved elusive, this all-star framer is focused on promoting two fantastic programs that nourish the heart and soul. This framer's piece is a reminder to always think holistically – not just with medication to treat the mind, but using music and arts to treat the soul.

Music & Memory provides Alzheimer's patients with devices and personalized playlists designed to help spark memories. Music played through headphones has been proven to stimulate all parts of the brain and improve cognitive function, speech, mood, and movement, even sometimes in late-stage patients. Anecdotally, these benefits bring joy, peace, and purpose to patients' lives.

Memories in the Making provides Alzheimer's patients with the resources to create watercolor-based artwork in a collaborative community environment. Art, like music, stimulates all parts of the brain. Patients are able to showcase their creativity while painting mementos for their friends and family. Our all-star has participated in yearly fundraising efforts and donated framing materials for the patient's artwork. Using skills as a framer to elevate their artwork is unbelievably rewarding for this framer.

This all-star's display includes a digital photo frame displaying three items – 1) The Alive Inside official trailer, an award-winning documentary featuring the Music & Memory program; 2) A Memories in the Making video; 3) a slideshow of this framer's artwork created for past Memories in the Making auctions. The orange and purple used in the display represent each organization's primary colors while the two heads facing each other have headphones and a palette and brush artfully integrated. The piece is rounded out with a frame comprised of stacked white moldings meant to represent sound waves and tie into the overall project theme.



Kosal Eang of Framed by Kosal in Monroe, CT

Tru Vue® Product Used:

Glazing: Optium Museum Acrylic®

Let's raise awareness for the teams that protect our towns!

Our all-star is a huge dog lover who understands the bond between man and his best friend. When presented with the opportunity to honor their hometown by profiling the distinguished history of the Police Department K-9 program, our all-star was thrilled. They drew inspiration from Officer John and K-9 Murphy. The love and loyalty between them are undeniable and the relationship goes well beyond professional responsibilities, so it was wonderful to learn that after retirement Murphy will stay with John – a lifelong friendship has been forged.

Working closely with the police department, this framer was able to track down photos and artifacts dating to the early 1960s, including the lead used with the very first dog in the program. A photo of John and Murphy adorn the middle of the frame with a subtle photo of the town's first K-9 layered in. Around the exterior are photos of each team along with their years of service; these details are engraved using a wood burning tool. This wonderful piece will ultimately hang in the Police Department lobby as a commemorative plaque – a perfect tribute to man and his best friend serving their community together.


“Celebrate the Arts”

Sarah Beckett of SB Framing Gallery in Milwaukee, WI

Tru Vue® Product Used:

Glazing: Museum Glass®

Let's raise awareness for the importance of art education to children's development!

Art education helps children develop skills like decision making, motor skills, inventiveness, and cultural understanding.

This all-star framer is working very hard to promote arts in education and teamed up with an illustrator (who is also a high school teacher), a middle school teacher, and parent of two very talented students to infuse some artistic energy into a local middle school. First, they created a beautiful black and white illustration including an inspirational message promoting arts in education. Next, they recruited 18 eager students, ranging from the 5th, 7th, and 8th grades, to create unique embossed copper squares for the border of the illustration.

The result is a stunning and highly collaborative piece that not only raises the subject of the importance of art education but became part of the participating student's art education as well. The project has also been promised as a donation to be used in the school's annual fundraiser.

This all-star floated the illustration on warm gray fabric and bordered it with the young artist's copper engravings. Each copper square is surrounded with a neutral tone fillet to create a framed appearance. The piece is finished with Museum Glass® and a whimsical frame to complement the illustration.


“Everyone Has Bad Days”

Andrea Tucker Hatch of Cabinet of Curiosities in Stettler, Alberta (Canada)

Tru Vue® Product Used:

Glazing: Optium Museum Acrylic®

Let's raise awareness for mental health!

For years our all-star has worked with an organization helping veterans and their families deal with the psychological impact of serving. Veterans Day holds a special place in this all-star's heart, and each year dedicates time to listening to a treasured recording of the framer's grandfather discussing his time in World War II, including his vivid descriptions of the days surrounding the Normandy Invasion. Apart from this recording, grandfather has never spoken with our all-star about his war experiences. This reluctance to open up to loved ones is extremely common for those who face danger to protect us.

The goal of this piece is to shine a light on veteran's sacrifices and raise awareness for their struggles. It's about creating a frame that connects creativity and public awareness. Building awareness is vital in order to break the stigma attached with mental health disorders. The mind is like a complex puzzle where all the interlocking pieces must fit together to create a healthy mind.

The puzzle piece theme is evident throughout the artwork, including the inside mat and outer details.

Mounted to the mat is a mask of a face created by moulding plastic on a mannequin head; the mask is foiled in deco art metal foil and is lit with LED lights behind it that change colors to represent the emotions / moods changing in someone's mind. By combining a flush mount frame moulding with a shadow box frame as the liner, this all-star is emulating the texture of clouds. The use of color to represent different types of clouds is emblematic of the dark and light days in all our lives.

Each side of the artwork is meant to symbolize aspects of mental illness:

Celebrating Nearly 50 Years of All-Star Framing

Tru Vue® pioneered the glazing technologies that raised the bar on the glass and acrylic used in the custom picture framing industry today. Throughout the years, Tru Vue has provided the products and support resources that inspire, recognize the artistry of custom framers and help set your business apart.

The projects found here (and those coming soon) are from Tru Vue All-Stars – winners of our past framing competitions. Their exceptional work exemplifies the very ethos of what it means to "raise your glass."

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