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As Far As I Could Get, 10 seconds, 12_15_2010, 3:29 PM to 3:42 PM PST, 34.166301-11.033714, 2010

By John Divola


Framed Art


Art Museum
Photo courtesy John Divola and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California
October 6, 2013 – July 6, 2014


Pigment Print Photography


50 in. x 119 in. (127 cm x 302 cm)


Optium Museum Acrylic®

The Challenge

  • To protect a large pigment print photographs during exhibition while providing an optimal viewing experience.

The Solution

Optium Museum Acrylic®

Allows viewers to see the prints rather than distracting reflections.

Acrylic is half the weight of glass and shatter resistant
Safeguards against injury and damage to art work and visitors.

Anti-static protection exceeds that of glass
Immediately eliminates static charges.  Makes for safer, easier framing and less cleaning.

Abrasion resistant
A durable hard coat protects against scratches from cleaning and general exposure to the public.

99% UV blocking
Protects the prints from the most damaging light wavelengths, helping prevent fading and degradation.

The Work

With large scale photographs, surface reflections are a real issue. Optium solves that issue and makes for a stunning presentation”. – John Divola

In photographer John Divola’s series As Far as I Could Get, he set the ten-second timer on his camera and would then run off into the distance, “as far as he could get.” As Catherine Wagley states in her review of the exhibit, “His back is always receding, near the center of formally appealing views of brush or desert. He’s a performer trying to escape the photographic frame while also making “good” compositions.”

More Info

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