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Charles Abrams, 2019

By Charles Abrams


Face Mounted Prints


Photo courtesy of Charles Abrams
Photo courtesy of Charles Abrams
Photo courtesy of Charles Abrams


Synagogue meeting rooms and cafeteria, Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A.


Photographs on FujiFlex paper, Second surface mounts to TruLife® Standard Acrylic, DiBond encapsulated




TruLife® Acrylic

The Challenge

  • To showcase photographic images with incredible depth and clarity, offering an optimal viewing experience with unsurpassed quality and longevity.

The Solution

TruLife® Standard Acrylic

Increased light transmission allows images to “pop” in both depth and saturation for awe-inspiring colors and sharp details.

99% UV blocking
Protects the mounted photograph from the most damaging light wavelengths, helping prevent fading and degradation.

Virtually no cleaning necessary
Anti-static properties prevent dust from attracting to the surface, which is a recurring problem with regular acrylic.

Abrasion resistant
Unlike regular acrylic, it will not become hazy from micro-scratches so the surface and brilliant colors stay true with frequent cleaning.

Shatter resistant
Safeguards against injury and damage to artwork and visitors.  This product is ideal for high traffic areas and public event spaces.

The Work

Charles Abrams is a professional photographer who usually specializes in photographing exotic cars and creating collages with the images. He changed gears for this particular project to improve the overall look of his synagogue’s Social Hall, where various activities take place. Charles envisioned filling the very large room which had white, bare walls with several large acrylic prints showcasing different aspects of Judaism. He then teamed up with the printing facility ArtisanHD to make it a reality, and the results are stunning.

More Info

I would definitely recommend other artists to use TruLife Acrylic. After watching the informational video on the ArtisanHD website, I found myself pretty impressed. And I wanted all of the prints to look very impressive.
Charles Abrams

  • For more on Charles Abrams and his work, visit here.
  • For more information about this project, visit here.