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Flagellazione, 1524 & Pietà, 1516

By Sebastiano del Piombo


Framed Art, Climate Controlled


Art Museum
Photo © Ivano Francavilla. Climaframe with Optium Museum Acrylic constructed by the company Ivano Francavilla.
The back sides of the works made on wood by Sebastiano del Piombo (1485-1547) have sketches made by Michelangelo. Company Ivano Francavilla, a trusted supplier of museums in Italy, designed and constructed two special climate controlled display cases that would allow for visual access from both the front and back-the result has been greatly appreciated by the museum and scholars in the field.
Photo © Ivano Francavilla. Climaframe with Optium Museum Acrylic constructed by the company Ivano Francavilla.


Museo Civico, Viterbo, Italy


Paintings on wood


66 1/4 in. x 98 in. (168.4 cm x 249 cm) & 71 3/8 in. x 57 in. (182 cm x 145 cm)


Optium Museum Acrylic®

The Challenge

  • To protect two 16th century panel paintings while providing an optimal viewing experience.

The Solution

Optium Museum Acrylic®

Suitable for frame packages
Optium Museum Acrylic acts as a buffer to the external environment and limits the potential for change to occur by sealing the artifact within its own environment.

Shatter resistant
Safeguards against injury and damage to artwork and visitors.  This product is ideal for valuable works, high traffic areas, works that travel, and public event spaces.

Acrylic is half the weight of glass; Ideal for large, heavy projects and works that travel.

Anti-static protection exceeds that of glass
Immediately eliminates static charge.  Makes for safer, easier framing and less cleaning.

Abrasion resistant
A durable hard coat protects against scratches from cleaning and general exposure to the public.

Allows viewers to see the painting rather than distracting reflections.

99% UV blocking
Protects painting from the most damaging light wavelengths, helping prevent fading and degradation.

More Info

  • Climate controlled display cases (size 1900 mm. x 2500 mm. each) with Optium Museum Acrylic.
  • Frame design by the company Ivano Francavilla, Specialist in Safeguarding Cultural Heritage.