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Judgement of Cambyses, 1498

By Gerard David


Framed Art, Stand-offs


Art Museum
© Musea Brugge – Lukas Art in Flanders vzw


Groeningmuseum, Bruges, Belgium


Oil on wood panel


137.5 in x 80 in (202 cm x 349.5 cm)


UltraVue® Laminated Glass

The Challenge

  • To protect a large, late 15th century, two-paneled oil painting on wood, in their existing frames, while providing an optimal viewing experience.
  • The existing frames and hanging mechanisms will be reused and the glazing requires rigidity and strength as to not suffer deflection.

The Solution

UltraVue® Laminated Glass

Using UltraVue® Laminated Glass offered optimal protection while maintaining the integrity of the frames.

Cuts light reflections down to 1% compared to 8% with standard glass, allowing viewers to see the works without distracting reflections.

99% UV blocking
Protects the works from the most damaging light wavelengths, helping prevent fading and degradation.

Rigidity and strength
This product is ideal when the glazing requires rigidity and strength and weight is not a concern.

Safety & Security
If glass breaks, shards remain in place to safeguard against injury and damage until the glass is replaced.  This product is ideal for valuable works, high traffic areas, and public event spaces.

The Work

This 1498 diptych by Gerard David, Judgement of Cambyses, was the focus of one of the main themes, the function of exempla iustitiae paintings, of an exhibition titled The Art of Law: Three Centuries of Justice Depicted that took place at the Groeningmuseum in Bruges, Belgium in 2016. 120 works related to justice and jurisprudence from all over Europe and the United States were brought together, including paintings, drawings, prints, manuscripts and objects.


Prior to this exhibition, The Judgement of Cambyses, one of the most important set of paintings at the Groeningemuseum, had been on permanent display. Now the exhibition has been dismantled, it has been installed again in the first gallery of the museum.



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