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UltraVue® Laminated Glass

This high performance glazing solution delivers an exceptional viewing experience with its nearly invisible finish and its crystal clear color neutrality combined with superior safety, protection and security to minimize risk of injury and safeguard artwork in the event the glazing is broken or damaged.  Made in the USA and readily available through our worldwide network of authorized distributors.

  • 99% UV Protection

  • Abrasion Resistance

  • Anti-Reflective

  • Shatter Resistance & Safety

Features & Applications


  • Virtually eliminates reflections
  • Blocks up to 99% of UV rays
  • Water White substrate provides crystal clear color transmission
  • Optimal light transmission brightens colors
  • Shatter resistance safeguards against injury and damage to artwork
  • Enhanced surface for better durability and easy cleaning
  • Proprietary coating is engineered for permanence.



  • Framing or display cases for cultural heritage and fine art collections
  • Security – if glass breaks, designed for shards to remain in place to safeguard the object until the glass is replaced
  • 99% UV protection for light sensitive objects
  • Irreplaceable works of art
  • Shadowboxes for displaying objects
  • Framing for high traffic areas where safety is a concern
  • When rigidity and strength are required and weight is not a concern
  • When permeability of display materials is a concern
  • For enclosures (display cases and sealed packages) that will be used for long periods
  • For parchment, albumin, panel paintings, and other media sensitive to fluctuations in relative humidity

Testing & Certifications

Individual Tests

  • Passes Photographic Activity Test (PAT) ISO 18916
  • Meets ISO 18902 section 3.9
  • Passes Outgassing Oddy Test
  • Passes Humidity Resistance MIL-C-48497A para
  • Passes RoHS Compliance ASTM B117-03
  • Passes Corrosion Resistance (Salt Fog) ASTM B117-03
  • Passes Coating Adhesion (Snap Tape) ASTM D3359-09
  • Passes Solubility MIL-C-48497A
  • Meets Swinging Punch Bag Test ANSI Z97.1-2009 Class B & CPSC 16 CRF 1201 CPSC Category I rating
  • Meets Pendulum Tire Drop Test EN 12600:2002: 4.4mm meets Classification 2(B)2; 8.8mm meets Classification 1(B)1
  • Resistance to Manual Attack EN 356: 8.8mm meets P2A
  • Accelerated Aging 2000 hours (~100 years) of Q-sun Xenon Arc Testing at exposure intensity of 100,000 lux properties remain unchanged



  • Conservation Grade UV Protection
  • ISO 18902 Photo Safe

Technical Info & Resources

Technical Info

  • Substrate: Water White Low Iron Glass
  • Interlayer: PVB
  • Coating: Double-Sided Anti-Reflective
  • Thickness: 4.4mm & 8.8mm 
  • Maximum Size: 72″ x 120″ / 1830mm x 3050mm
  • Reflection: <1% (double-sided)
  • Transmission: >98% (total)
  • UV Block: up to 99% of 300nm to 380nm



Care & Handling

Find out everything you need to know about Care & Handling for this product here.

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