The holidays come just once a year.
But we can help make the memories last a lifetime.

Every family has its own unique holiday traditions, rituals, and, of course, heirlooms. They could be family photos, a child’s drawing, a greeting card, a work of art, or an ornament handed down from generation to generation. These treasured items serve to remind us of the importance and value of tradition and family.

So, why display them only at the holidays, when we can help you create a one-of-a-kind showpiece your family will love year 'round?

At {Sample Frame Shop}, we can custom frame your holiday mementos and keepsakes to display in your home, while preserving and protecting them for years to come. A custom framed piece of art also makes a truly unique and personal gift for the people in your life.

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Make sure you preserve your holiday mementos, and let the traditions live on —
Ask for the only conservation grade glass, available from Tru Vue
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