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9 Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram

With more time being spent online because of the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forcing business closures and an increased number of cities on stay-at-home orders, we’ve decided to share our notable list of photographers to follow on Instagram for 2020. We all could use a little light in our lives at the moment and photographs are much like books — they allow us to travel without moving our feet.



Adam Senatori


@adamsenatori is based in Madison, WI. He focuses largely on landscapes and cityscapes and has been featured in numerous publications. He has partnered with some of the largest campaigns and companies to provide creative input and gorgeous photography.



Michael Yamashita


@yamashitaphoto is a National Geographic photographer with a very sizable following. He mainly focuses on Asian life and culture with some landscape and nature photography every so often. His colorful, unique photos are sure to inspire some wanderlust.



Victoria Siemer


@witchoria is a Brooklyn-based photographer who focuses on abstract landscapes and cityscapes. Her surreal aesthetic twists lend much uniqueness to otherwise commonly photographed scenes, whether it’s the streets of New York or the rolling fields of Scotland.



Omar Z. Robles


@omarzrobles is a NYC-based photographer who creates exquisite compositions, toying with concepts of motion in portraits through his subjects, which are mainly dancers and gymnasts.





@creationsofla is a photographer and visual artist based in Dubai. He’s worked with some of the top musicians and fashion brands, bringing his unique blend of real and surreal with a young, urban aesthetic twist.



Sue Forbes


@sueforbesphoto is a wildlife photographer that captures nature in action and daily life for various cultures around the globe. Her philosophy, as she puts it is, “…to capture [wildlife] behaviors so that the viewer is transported into their world and understands more than just a visual representation of the animal. My goal is to educate the viewer but also to make them smile or gasp in amazement with what you can see in the world we all live in and share with these amazing species.”



Ales Krivec


@dreamypixels is a photography duo from Slovenia who captures the true beauty of their homeland. Describing Slovenia as a “hidden jewel of Europe”, they exhibit the pristine hillsides, scenic mountain ranges, elaborate castles and more. For truly beautiful compositions, check out their Instagram or website.



 Aaron Reed


@aaronreedphotography is a nature, landscape and fine art photographer based out of the pacific northwestern United States. He specializes in large, museum-quality prints and prides himself on being self-taught. His attention to detail, composition, and lighting make for some stunning prints sure to make any space more comfortable.



Light Stalking 


@lightstalking is a network of photographers that produce guide articles, photography tips and tricks, training videos, and more. Their Instagram is filled with their inspirational work and is well worth a follow; if you’re an avid photographer looking to hone your skills.



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