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About Vista AR® Glass

Global reach with Midwest roots

We take pride in our state of the art manufacturing facility, located in Faribault Minnesota. Our footprint provides flexibility you can rely on for large scale sheets up to 100 x 144.  An increased emphasis on domestically made products makes Tru Vue the smart choice to simplify your next endeavor.

Dependable, hands on project support ensures your program delivers on the requirements set through the supply chain. With expertise across various glass and acrylic markets, connect with us to see how U.S. based Tru Vue can bring value to your anti-reflective glass projects.

Minimal Reflection. Maximum Transmittance.

Vista Anti-Reflective® glass from Tru Vue® is a non-conductive, wide-band coated glass. Our product is engineered to perfectly minimize reflection on glass over the visible spectrum. Proven in high performance applications, Vista AR® consistently measures less than 1% total reflectance and is now offered in a post temperable option.

  • More than 15 years of proven performance in outdoor applications
  • Allows for enhanced messaging, visual appeal and branding
  • Superior readability for color contrast and screen resolutions
  • Impact-resistant
  • Large sizes available
  • Now available with propriety coating designed for tempering
  • Impeccable clarity ideal for cold storage
  • Brands pop through a crystal clear view
  • Optimal visibility reduces door opening, resulting in temperature uniformity, increased food safety and energy efficiency
  • Produced with strict adherence to cosmetic specifications
  • Now available with propriety coating designed for tempering
Solar Panels
  • High performance, anti-reflective glass improves light transmittance to increase efficiency of the panel
  • Anti-reflective coated glass is temperable
  • Offers excellent durability and weatherable
  • Panels available for common residential, commercial and utility scale panels with max dimensions up to 100”x144” and thicknesses up to 12mm
  • Two US based manufacturing facilities

The Tru Vue Difference

25 years of experience unlocks a distinct advantage when it comes to innovation in thin film technology. Our teams understand the critical nature of cosmetic specifications to ensure outstanding product quality products. Vista Anti-Reflective® glass is manufactured using a magnetron sputtered technology that delivers peak performance in durability, scratch resistance and coating uniformity.