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Supply Chain Disruption & The Impacts on Glass Fabricators

If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected and to have emergency backup plans in case of supply chain disruptions. Whether it’s a deadly pandemic or a cargo route blockage, such disruptions have vast and often unexpected ripple effects on industries and economies worldwide. Studies are already being conducted that are quickly highlighting one fatal flaw: the dependence on foreign labor forces.



To this point, according to a recent Thomas survey, 69% of manufacturing companies across various sectors are “likely to bring manufacturing production and sourcing back to North America” in response to recent supply chain disruptions. “The same report showed that 33% of surveyed leaders said they had already moved sourcing and manufacturing out of China or planned to do so within the next two to three years.”



While outsourcing your workforce can be cheaper in the short-term, it provides little to no security when natural disasters, such as the coronavirus pandemic, inevitably happen. Forces outside of our control are constantly at play and sacrificing long-term stability for short-term profit margins simply isn’t wise; and these shortages can often come in surprising forms, “In San Francisco, it’s tapioca pearls for boba tea. In Kalamazoo, it’s glass bottles for craft spirits. And in Tulsa, it’s nitrile gloves for restaurant workers.”



Then for some, it was large scale component glass. But not those who buy from Tru Vue. We manufacture and supply all of our superior products here in the U.S., which allowed our flexibility and reliability to really shine through during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here we’ll go over some of the pitfalls that come with outsourcing and why it’s so important to do business with domestic suppliers.



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Timely Service


Providing efficient and dependable, quality service is the name of the game — and this is much harder to do if you rely on overseas manufacturing. This is especially true when a supply chain disruption halts the industry. Being able to act nimbly in order to fulfill orders on time is crucial in not only maintaining good business relationships, but also in keeping client businesses alive and well. The domino effect in these situations are real.



The recent Suez Canal blockage, which only lasted a week, cost the global market an estimated $9.6 billion per day — a stunning real-life testament to how even the smallest disruptions have rippling effects on such efficient systems.



Tru Vue prides itself on being flexible and reliable with clients. Because we don’t depend on foreign labor forces, we are able to fulfill and ship products efficiently and are not subjected to the similar industry-halting circumstances when such global issues occur.



Conflict Resolution/Troubleshooting


Nothing is more frustrating than when a product or service you rely on misses the mark, arrives defective, or is otherwise unsatisfactory. When you’re dealing with overseas production lines, the back and forth of troubleshooting and eventually receiving a replacement can take ages. But because Tru Vue is the only domestic supplier of anti-reflective glass and acrylic, any part that gets damaged during shipping is quickly and easily replaceable.



Our 25 years of experience unlocks a distinct advantage when it comes to innovation in thin film technology. We understand the critical nature of cosmetic specifications to ensure outstanding product quality products for every order, every time. Troubleshooting situations are rectified quickly and easily.



Exchange Rates and Shipping


The fact of the matter is that outsourcing is a cost-saving measure for manufacturers, not customers. If a company is saving significant money on their bottom line, they won’t necessarily pass that savings on to the consumer. They often will, however, pass on rising overseas exchange rates to the consumer. Businesses that make all of their products Stateside, such as Tru Vue, have less to worry about when providing pricing information to customers.



This allows us to simplify our process so you know you are getting top-quality products that are made domestically and aren’t subject to foreign laws. We can also ship in bulk for cheaper pricing than what you would normally pay in overseas shipping costs.



Dependable & Trustworthy U.S. Project Support


All Tru Vue products are made and assembled domestically, saving on overseas costs and allowing for flexibility and expedited service in nearly every facet of our business. Dependable, hands-on project support ensures your program delivers on the requirements set through the supply chain. When you partner with Tru Vue you achieve long-term cost savings and gain exceptional customized products made by skilled Minnesota workers with years of experience, talent and a passion for premium glass technology.



With expertise across various glass and acrylic markets, connect with us to see how U.S. based Tru Vue can bring value to your anti-reflective glass projects.



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